Marijuana enthusiasts are lucky to be graced with God’s Gift. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you’ll feel blessed after a few puffs of this powerful Indica. This strain is great for severe pain or for those that need help winding down in the evening.


Traits of God’s Gift and God’s Gift Seeds

A gift indeed, this strain’s flavors and aromas have had marijuana consumers flocking since it arrived on the scene in 2005. Similar to the equally acclaimed Granddaddy Purple, this strain packs a refreshing lemon, berry and citrus punch. Real connoisseurs will detect an earthy, berry undertone.

As if that wasn’t enough, this weed has some serious shelf appeal. Gorgeous purple-tinged leaves are coated with a sparkling layer of dense white crystals, making this a strain cannabis enthusiasts will be dying to show off.

Medical Benefits of God’s Gift

Patients with severe medical conditions tend to like this strain.

    • Those with cancer, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis often find quality nighttime relief from God’s Gift
    • These medicinal qualities are complemented by a pleasant yet pungent berry aroma with hints of cool lemon that can lead to a real sense of mental uplift
    • Symptoms of PMS, inflammation and other pain are often soothed by this strain